Just Free Papers serves a very targeted user base. If you are a company offering a product or service which is geared to the 15 to 24 age group, then we can help you reach your target market. Since we have been in business since 1997, Just Free Papers has become a destination for hundreds of thousands of students and young professionals.

A few of the Just Free Papers Demographics:
Daily Unique Visitors: 1,500 – 5000 depending upon the time of the year.
Average page views per visitor: 10- 15 per visit
Age range of users: 15 – 24 represent 75% of our user base.
Percentage Male: 60%
Percentage Female: 40%
Users Nationality: 85% North America
15% Mixed European Countries

Advertising Rates:
Home Page
468 x 60 pixel Top Center Banner
$400.00 Per Month
Category Pages
468 x 60 pixel Top Center Banner
$600.00 Per Month/Category
(Example: Literature Category – if a banner is purchased for a category, that banner will be displayed throughout the category and on every paper description page as well. This is an excellent source of visibility)
Micro Banner
120 x 90 pixel Right Side Navigational Bar
Limited Slots Available
$1000.00 Per Month
(Micro banners are fixed and shown on every page of the site. There is limited space available for this, so this is a first come first serve item.)
E-Mail Sponsorships
Just Free Papers delivers to its user base a bi weekly text based newsletter. This newsletter is an opt in editorial piece (this means that the recipient has requested to receive this newsletter) which has an ever growing subscription base. There are two text based advertising slots available each time this letter is sent out. Advertising pricing for this product is quoted upon request.

Please contact Info@EZWrite.com if you are interested in pursuing advertising options on the site.
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